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This week was finally a pretty good week for CVS deals.  Here are the deals that Kara and I got:

  • Playtex Sport (16ct.)
  • $3.99, minus $1/1 coupon, earn $3.00 ECB’s. $3.00 OOP.
  • Speed Stick Pro (2.7 oz.)
  • $3.99, use $3.00 in ECB’s, earn $3.99 ECB’s. $0.99 OOP.
  • Speed Stick Pro (2.7 oz.)
  • $3.99, use $3.99 in ECB’s, earn $3.99 ECB’s. $0.00 OOP.  (yes, I did it twice!)
  • Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal (17 oz.)
  • BOGO @ $4.79, used 2x $2/1 coupons. $0.79 OOP
  • Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereal (17 oz.)
  • BOGO @ $4.79, used 2x $2/1 coupons. $0.79 OOP (yes, I did it twice!)
  • CVS Mouthwash (1 liter)
  • $2.99 on sale
  • Colgate Total (4 oz.)
  • $2.99. Used $3.99 ECB’s for this and the mouthwash, earned $2.00 ECB’s for next week. $2.00 OOP.

Altogether, we got all this stuff for under $8.00 – wow!

For more info on CVS deals:

CVS Savings Plan: Week of May 17, 2009
CVS Savings Plan: Week of May 3, 2009
See more CVS savings at “Cents”ible Sawyer’s CVS Superstars
Even more CVS savings ideas at Money Saving Mom


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Today I received the best email. It was from King Arthur Flour and it included a great community service idea and free stuff! The email introduced a new initiative called Bake2Share which encourages people to build community through baking and sharing what they produce with others. To build support for this idea they are offering to send participants a two pound bag of flour for free! They are only sending out 5,000 bags, so you better hurry and sign up

On a whim last fall Tom and I went to a bread baking demo hosted by King Arthur and it was really great. The demo was very informative, and I’ve come to really like their products. I also follow their baking blog for good recipe ideas.  Tom recently used a King Arthur recipe for his latest batch of bread. I think this program is a great show of corporate community-building and I’m really looking forward to participating. I’ll definitely show you all what I bake, and let you know who I’ve shared it with!

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This post is a double-whammy: baby gift ideas and my first two contributions to Use It Up. A good friend from grad school is having a baby girl, so I made her the Interweave Knits Baby Kimono and a pair of Better than Booties Baby Socks. (Ravelry links)

Baby Kimono

Baby socks
Knits Details

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I don’t think I have a huge fabric and yarn stash, but it does weigh on me. Often I feel compelled to start projects because I think I “should” use what I already have, even if it is in odd amounts or colors I don’t like. My current stash is really weighing on me because I received some gift yarn that I don’t love. It’s not my cup of tea, and there is a LOT of it. I don’t feel right about buying new yarn when I have a mountain of old yarn sitting in the corner, but I’m not excited about knitting with what I have.

So,  to try to get myself excited I’m issuing myself a “Use It Up” challenge. The challenge is to make 10 projects out of material (fabric, yarn, ribbon – whatever) that I already have. Once I’ve made those 10 items I can reward myself by going out and purchasing supplies for two items that I really want to create.

Oddly, I’m really excited about this. Somehow reframing my old, neglected stash into a “challenge” has gotten me excited again. The creative juices are flowing, and I think that I’m going to create some items that I never would have thought of without the challenge.


Game on!

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Two weeks ago I made my own ketchup for the first time, and I don’t think it will be my last. I had never even considered making ketchup – it seemed like one of those this that just existed in a jar, not something that you could make yourself (which is a pretty stupid thought: everything had to be made by hand at some point. Just because you only buy it in a store now doesn’t mean that it can’t be produced another way.) Then one day I was searching through blogs and stumbled across the Homesick Texan. The recipe for chipotle ketchup was on the front page, and I couldn’t resist.

Chipotle Ketchup
(clearly this is a recycled jar, not a photo of strange looking jam)
  Ketchup details

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Strawberry Jam in Jar

Sometimes I see a recipe that I just have to try right away. I’m a visual cook, and if a recipe has a tasty looking picture with it I’m apt to think “I want to eat that right now.” The strawberry jam and ricotta toasts in this month’s Everyday Food were one of those meals. They looked completely delicious, and when I saw that strawberries were on sale this week I knew that I had to make strawberry jam.

Jam details

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Steak and Potatoes Dinner Plate

Last Saturday night Kara really out-did herself.  She cooked a great steak dinner:  london broil and mashed potatoes with lemon-tarragon butter, plus homemade onion rings!  We drank a great bottle of red wine with dinner and for dessert we had homemade orange sherbet. It was a great Saturday date-night dinner.

More pictures and recipes after the jump.

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