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This weekend Kara and I went strawberry picking at Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, MA.  Saturday morning was about the only warm and sunny part of the weekend so we really lucked out.  It cost $6 for each basket, which holds about 2.25 pounds, and we filled them both after about 30-40 minutes of picking.

A pic of my beautiful bride, plus our plans for the berries after the jump


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Oatmeal Raisin Bread

Last week I went with a loaf bread rather than an artisan bread.  I tried the Oatmeal Toasting & Sandwich Bread recipe from King Arthur Flour.  It was easy to make and provided a week’s worth of delicious breakfasts.  Yum!

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A while ago I mentioned that I had received my Pay It Forward package from Phantom Moon, and last week I was able to send out my first package in return! Now that Curly Sue has received the package, I can share the contents with all of you.

Curly Sue's giveaway

Package Details

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Cook's Illustrated Beer Bread

This week’s bread came from a recipe I got from Cook’s Illustrated online.  You need a subscription to view the recipe, sorry.  I don’t want to break any copyright rules by copying and pasting it here, but I think I can say that this bread was unique because it used beer and vinegar in addition to water as the liquid ingredients.  Dry ingredients were basic:  flour, salt, yeast.

See more pictures and read my opinion on Cook’s Illustrated Online after the jump.

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I managed to finish up another “Use It Up” project using yarn from my stash. This yarn was originally intended for a shawl, but it was the wrong weight. So I created the Fluffy Lap Blanket from Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas

Fuzzy Lap Blanket
Blanket details

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Bake2Share muffins

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m participating in King Arthur Flour’s Bake 2Share program. I received my free flour in the mail, and used it to bake some muffins for my coworkers last week.

Details after the jump.

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I just recently learned about the Toy Society from Urban Craft and as soon as I went to their blog I knew I had to join. Toy Society members create handmade toys and leave them in public places for others to take home and enjoy.  This weekend Tom and I made our first two drops.

Drop #1
Details about our drops

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