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Tom and I are still on vacation but I wanted to post about my travel craft kit for the trip. I’m actually quite proud of it, because it’s very different than what I usually bring on vacations. Ever since I started knitting over 6 years ago, I never travel without a project. I’ve lost the capacity to sit still without doing something with my hands, so I need to pack a craft activity for the flight or car ride.

What excites me about this travel craft kit is that it’s not knitting. That’s really unusual for me. (Excuse the glare in this photo, it was taken at night)
Travel kit

What’s inside?


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T and K, gone away!

Tomorrow morning Tom and I are headed for a week’s vacation in Oregon and Washington. We’re going to be spending time in Portland, Hood River and Walla Walla, Washington. Its seems like I’ve been reading a lot about the area on other blogs recently, and it’s been driving me wild with anticipation.

Hopefully we’ll come back with lots of great stories and plenty of pictures. I can’t wait!

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This was finished a while ago, but I completed another Use it Up project by knitting the Juliet Scarf from some leftover Knitpicks Cotlin.

Scarf detail


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This past weekend Tom and I took Friday off of work to head to Newport, RI. Neither of us had ever been there before and we had a great time checking out what Newport had to offer. We walked almost the entire length of the Cliff Walk and toured the Breakers, an old Vanderbilt “summer cottage.” Both were great ways to get the flavor of Newport.

It was a great getaway, but sadly, I don’t have any pictures for you. Instead I’ll offer up a picture of Monday night’s dinner: fish with artichokes and green peppers. Newport is a seaside town, seas have fish in them – pretend it’s related.
Details below

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Mystery Mushroom


Originally uploaded by knitsandsews

This is a beautiful mushroom we found growing in my parents’ yard when Tom and I visited them this weekend. My parents live in a pretty rural area, and when Tom and I went for a short walk I saw at least 10 different types of mushrooms in the woods and along the road. I’m going to have to get a book on mushrooms out of the library before I visit my parents again. I’d love to know what I’m looking at when I find all these pretty mushrooms.

Does anyone know something about this type of mushroom?

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Upstate Weekend

Tom and I are headed to upstate New York this weekend to see our families. Tom and I actually went to the same high school together, but my family has since moved about 30 minutes away, deeper into the Adirondack Park. We will be visiting with both families and my grandparents.

Hopefully we will return with lots of pictures and stories!

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I’m not a big impulse buyer, but this week I was out with a friend and made an impulse buy that will actually have a value far greater than it’s price.

I was out to dinner with a friend and we stopped by Urban Outfitters so that she could pick something up. We were poking through the sale section when I found a small rug for $4.95. (I couldn’t find a picture of the exact rug online, but it’s similar in style to this one)

Similar rug

When Tom came home from his business travel he liked the rug so much that we went back to Urban Outfitters and picked up two more of the same rug. Now our kitchen has two new rugs and one went into the bathroom. It’s the bathroom rug that has made our life so much better!

How can one little rug make life better? Well, the old bathroom rug was a long pile, and it had a lot wrong with it. Not only did the pile collect hair and dust and generally look nasty most of the time, but the rug was so thick that the bathroom door would get caught on it. This meant that we could only open the bathroom door part-way. Our bathroom is not that big, and having the door stuck on the rug in the middle of the space made it even smaller. Now the door swings open fully and Tom and I can brush our teeth at the same time without one person banging into the door. Life is good!

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