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Handy Switch = Fire Hazard

Do you remember seeing those infomercials for the “Handy Switch”? It’s a remote-control lightswitch that allows you to turn on any device that plugs into the wall outlet. There’s no lightswitch in our bedroom so we bought one to turn the lights on when you enter the room at night. It worked great and was really helpful. There was just one problem…

…the Handy Switch is a FIRE HAZARD!

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued a safety recall for the item since it has caused at least 9 fires so far!

Kara and I replaced ours right away. After some poking around online, I found a great replacement for the Handy Switch. The Heath Zenith Basic Solutions Wireless Switch and Plug-In Outlet sells for about $18 on amazon.com and works exactly like the Handy Switch. In fact, I’ve found it to be even more reliable. And since I know the Zenith brand (remember them?¬† we used to have a Zenith TV…) I trust the safety and quality of the item much more than the Handy Switch.

So if you, your friends or your family have a Handy Switch in the house Рtell them to get rid of it! And if you or they still need something like it, consider the version from Heath/Zenith.


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