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Last year, Kara took a class on Turkish cooking at the BCAE.  One of the new ingredients she learned about was pomegranate molasses.  She bought a bottle to make some of the recipes she learned at home, but didn’t end up using all of it.  I got sick of looking at it in the fridge, so this weekend I decided to use some of it.  After some googling, I found the recipe for these delicious cookies, Pomegranate and Sour Cherry Mandelbrot.  (Mandelbrot are a type of Jewish cookie that I have never heard of; they look like Biscotti to me.)

They were pretty easy to make and they taste great.  The pomegranate molasses add a sweet tangy flavor that is hard to put your finger on … but you like it. 

A couple recipe tips after the jump.


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This Christmas, my brother and sister-in-law gave me a new french bread pan. My mother in-law also gave me a baking-related gift, a copy of “Kneadlessly Simple”, a great book full of delicious bread recipes.

I wanted to try the pan right away.  The book has a french bread recipe in it that even explained how to get the shape right, so I was in business.  The bread came out great – it browned perfectly, had a crispy crust and a moist, chewy center.  I definitely recommend both products if you’re interested in making your own bread.

After the jump, see a picture of the bread before it went in the oven.

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