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Last weekend Tom and I went up to our hometown and both of our mothers threw me a beautiful baby shower. The whole event was really wonderful, but there was one gift in particular that I wanted to show off.

One of my mom’s friends is a knitter and she made us this beautiful baby blanket. I love the Adirondack theme, and really appreciate how much work into it. It’s almost too beautiful to imagine actually wrapping a baby in!


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Shawls, take two

Another shawl that I finished a while ago and photographed this weekend is the Eliina shawl.  I was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate to the Stitch House from a friend, and I decided to buy this beautiful purple cashmere yarn with it.

I liked this shawl pattern because of it’s beautiful edging.  Of course, partway through my knitting I realized that I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to complete the shawl at the size I wanted.  Rather than shrink the overall size of the shawl, I  used some lace weight Knitpicks Bare Merino to do the edging.  I actually really like the results – I think doing the edging in a contrast color makes it really pop.

The looped bind-off took forever, but I think it was worth it.  It makes me look fancy (and helps cover the big belly!)

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Shawl Party, part 1

I’ve been really lax in getting these finished objects photographed, but in the past 6 months or so I’ve done a lot of shawl knitting. Now that the temperatures have warmed up a little, Tom and I were able to take some nice photos in the park. I’ll post a few shawls over the next few days, but I’m starting with with my Cold Mountain shawl.

I love this shawl’s graphic simplicity. It’s beautiful and one of my most-worn lace items. The pattern is very simple, but not enough so that it gets boring to knit. I loved it as soon as I saw it in the 2009 Summer Knitty and I’m glad that (eventually) made it.

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I decided to change gears a bit and make a bread from a different recipe book, this time “Beard On Bread” by James Beard.  This was another book that I got for Christmas.  Since this was my first time using the book, I decided to try his basic beginner’s recipe.  The result was a delicious white bread with a tender, moist and chewy crumb that made great toast and sandwiches.

See more delicious breads here, at YeastSpotting!

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I love winning stuff, and I was overjoyed when I clicked on the Tollipop blog last week and saw that I had won one of Kirsten’s great prints.  The detail is just wonderful on her work, and I love the colors:

It’s a great print and I can’t wait to hang it in our apartment. If we end up having a little girl, maybe her room would be a good spot? 🙂

I don’t have an adorable daughter or niece to hold up a note, so I have to tell Kirsten directly –

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