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Last weekend Tom and I went up to our hometown and both of our mothers threw me a beautiful baby shower. The whole event was really wonderful, but there was one gift in particular that I wanted to show off.

One of my mom’s friends is a knitter and she made us this beautiful baby blanket. I love the Adirondack theme, and really appreciate how much work into it. It’s almost too beautiful to imagine actually wrapping a baby in!


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I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy growing a baby 🙂  In addition, I’ve also had a lot of fun doing some baby crafting.

I wanted to make a crib quilt for the little one, and decided to test out my quilting skills on a mini-quilt. I was inspired by this mini-quilt by Orange Flower.

Since we’re not going to know the sex of the baby until its born, I went with nice primary colors for the alphabet embroidery. I love this look – it’s simple and graphic, but definitely baby-appropriate.

I absolutely love the vintage fabric that I used for the binding. The fabric’s little flowers and birds are so cute and the colors matched my embroidery really well.

As for the actual quilting, I only did a few rows of outline stitch. I didn’t worry about quilting it very densely because this is only going to  be a wall hanging. I think this little quilt was really a good exercise in using my walking foot and binding for the first time.  I love the results!

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Originally uploaded by super ninon

This face has so much personality. The mouth, those cheeks!

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Tom and I are still on vacation but I wanted to post about my travel craft kit for the trip. I’m actually quite proud of it, because it’s very different than what I usually bring on vacations. Ever since I started knitting over 6 years ago, I never travel without a project. I’ve lost the capacity to sit still without doing something with my hands, so I need to pack a craft activity for the flight or car ride.

What excites me about this travel craft kit is that it’s not knitting. That’s really unusual for me. (Excuse the glare in this photo, it was taken at night)
Travel kit

What’s inside?

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A while ago I mentioned that I had received my Pay It Forward package from Phantom Moon, and last week I was able to send out my first package in return! Now that Curly Sue has received the package, I can share the contents with all of you.

Curly Sue's giveaway

Package Details

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I just recently learned about the Toy Society from Urban Craft and as soon as I went to their blog I knew I had to join. Toy Society members create handmade toys and leave them in public places for others to take home and enjoy.  This weekend Tom and I made our first two drops.

Drop #1
Details about our drops

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I don’t think I have a huge fabric and yarn stash, but it does weigh on me. Often I feel compelled to start projects because I think I “should” use what I already have, even if it is in odd amounts or colors I don’t like. My current stash is really weighing on me because I received some gift yarn that I don’t love. It’s not my cup of tea, and there is a LOT of it. I don’t feel right about buying new yarn when I have a mountain of old yarn sitting in the corner, but I’m not excited about knitting with what I have.

So,  to try to get myself excited I’m issuing myself a “Use It Up” challenge. The challenge is to make 10 projects out of material (fabric, yarn, ribbon – whatever) that I already have. Once I’ve made those 10 items I can reward myself by going out and purchasing supplies for two items that I really want to create.

Oddly, I’m really excited about this. Somehow reframing my old, neglected stash into a “challenge” has gotten me excited again. The creative juices are flowing, and I think that I’m going to create some items that I never would have thought of without the challenge.


Game on!

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