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I love winning stuff, and I was overjoyed when I clicked on the Tollipop blog last week and saw that I had won one of Kirsten’s great prints. ¬†The detail is just wonderful on her work, and I love the colors:

It’s a great print and I can’t wait to hang it in our apartment. If we end up having a little girl, maybe her room would be a good spot? ūüôā

I don’t have an adorable daughter or niece to hold up a note, so I have to tell Kirsten directly –


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Handy Switch = Fire Hazard

Do you remember seeing those infomercials for the “Handy Switch”? It’s a remote-control lightswitch that allows you to turn on any device that plugs into the wall outlet. There’s no lightswitch in our bedroom so we bought one to turn the lights on when you enter the room at night. It worked great and was really helpful. There was just one problem…

…the Handy Switch is a FIRE HAZARD!

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently issued a safety recall for the item since it has caused at least 9 fires so far!

Kara and I replaced ours right away. After some poking around online, I found a great replacement for the Handy Switch. The Heath Zenith Basic Solutions Wireless Switch and Plug-In Outlet sells for about $18 on amazon.com and works exactly like the Handy Switch. In fact, I’ve found it to be even more reliable. And since I know the Zenith brand (remember them?¬† we used to have a Zenith TV…) I trust the safety and quality of the item much more than the Handy Switch.

So if you, your friends or your family have a Handy Switch in the house Рtell them to get rid of it! And if you or they still need something like it, consider the version from Heath/Zenith.

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Towards the light

Reaching toward the light

A gifted spider plant is finally perking up a little.

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I’ve been an avid reader of Soulemama for a few years now, and today she posted a “behind the scenes” interview that I found really interesting. I think Amanda’s readers connect with her blog as much for the lifestyle she leads as her great writing. She has cute kids who are always doing crafty things in a perfect woodland environment. Don’t we all wish we could live the same way?

I loved that Amanda’s comments made the point that her family life is not about some bucolic perfection, not about the perfected thrifted decor, but about making the life you want and living it right now. The idea that you are the creator of your own perfect environment is something both Tom and I find really inspirational.

Go check out Amanda’s post and I hope you find inspiration, too!

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I’m not a big impulse buyer, but this week I was out with a friend and made an impulse buy that will actually have a value far greater than it’s price.

I was out to dinner with a friend and we stopped by Urban Outfitters so that she could pick something up. We were poking through the sale section when I found a small rug for $4.95. (I couldn’t find a picture of the exact rug online, but it’s similar in style to this one)

Similar rug

When Tom came home from his business travel he liked the rug so much that we went back to Urban Outfitters and picked up two more of the same rug. Now our kitchen has two new rugs and one went into the bathroom. It’s the bathroom rug that has made our life so much better!

How can one little rug make life better? Well, the old bathroom rug was a long pile, and it had a lot wrong with it. Not only did the pile collect hair and dust and generally look nasty most of the time, but the rug was so thick that the bathroom door would get caught on it. This meant that we could only open the bathroom door part-way. Our bathroom is not that big, and having the door stuck on the rug in the middle of the space made it even smaller. Now the door swings open fully and Tom and I can brush our teeth at the same time without one person banging into the door. Life is good!

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This weekend Kara and I went strawberry picking at Ward’s Berry Farm in Sharon, MA.¬† Saturday morning was about the only warm and sunny part of the weekend so we really lucked out.¬† It cost $6 for each basket, which holds about 2.25 pounds, and we filled them both¬†after about 30-40 minutes of picking.

A pic of my beautiful bride, plus our plans for the berries after the jump

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Patio Flower Box Lead

A couple weekends ago Kara and I decided to buy some flower boxes and plants to make our back porch a more comfortable place to hang out this spring and summer.¬† We are lucky enough to have a fairly big back porch, but it overlooks the alley behind our building so the view isn’t that nice.¬† We thought that some plants would make it look better.

See before and after pictures after the jump.

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